Welcome to our slots guide!

We have received a number of questions from visitors to the Online Pokies Club about playing slot machines. In this section of our site we discuss some of these questions in more detail.

What are Payreels and why are they important?

The term ‘reel’ is used because inside a machine, the symbols are attached to a revolving circle that spins each time you pull the level (or hit the button).

When slots started appearing in the casinos of Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, machines typically featured a simple 3-reel setup. Match three $ symbols (or type of fruit) in a row and you win. These evolved into 5-reel games, which are the kind of games you’ll normally find online.

More reels mean more winning combinations are available on the central payline.

Also, some games will give away bonuses and free plays, with up to 30 different winning combinations on offer.

Regular slot machine v’s progressive slot machines

Regular slot games are relatively simple. You load in your money, press the relevant button to spin and then wait until each reel falls into place.

If you match up three or five symbols you’ll automatically win a prize or gain access to the on-screen game. Fail to make any matches, and your money for that spin is lost.

Progressive slots in Portugal follow the same format with an added dimension. Every time you spin, a tiny percentage of your money is taken by the game and put towards an overall jackpot.

This means that even if you don’t win on each spin, you are contributing towards a big payout on that particular type machine. In online progressive slots, lots the machines, or in this case, the games, are linked across the internet.

The jackpot accumulates with every person playing the game – from one corner of the globe to the other – so you have the chance to win a massive jackpot despite maybe only maybe gambling a small amount.